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The Obihai OBi302 is the traffic cop of the information superhighway. It’s equipped with a 2port router/bridge offering support for integrated quality of service (QoS). It truly completes your cloud phone system.

It’s adaptable enough to be installed in a variety of environments, such as areas where an existing modem, router, or switch doesn’t have an available Ethernet port or locations where upstream voice traffic demands prioritization over other types of traffic. It will work seamlessly with your VoIP handset to create a reliable communication system within your business. BryteCall offers comprehensive support on the Obihai OBi302 as well as all of our VoIP handsets so you give peace-of-mind along with a great cloud phone system.


  • Supports reliable faxing with simultaneous voice and data use
  • Includes two standard telephone ports, and each can be easily configured with an independent phone number. Can be used with analog fax or phones for small business
  • Fully compatible with all industry voice and data standards and common telephone features such as caller ID, call waiting, and voicemail