Polycom WX 500side img


Our VoIP phone provider knows that it’s not enough for your business phone to work most of the time. It needs to work all the time and it needs to do it while multitasking and without breaking a sweat. That’s what the Polycom WX 500 does every day. If you are making the change to VoIP for business, this is a terrific phone to add to your system.

The Polycom WX 500 is a business phone that boasts the world’s best high definition, along with seamless integration of audio, video, playback, and business application. Don’t waste time with business phone service providers who can’t deliver the features that you want! Contact the BryteCall team and get the right VoIP for your business with the phones and features you need.


  • Polycom HD Voice technology for clearer calls
  • 12 line appearances
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Intuitive and advanced functionality, such as shared lines and three-way conferencing
  • Offers expandability and investment protection with USB ports for optional accessories and hardware upgrades
  • Digital photo frame and built-in web application